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You may hear about a chemical emergency from outdoor alert sirens, Emergency Alert System messages, or an emergency alert radio.

However you hear the alert, you should take the following actions immediately for life safety:

  1. Go indoors immediately, taking people and pets with you.
  2. Check your nearest notification system – such as cell phone, television or radio – and see what action your zone needs to take.
  3. If your zone is instructed to shelter-in-place, close and lock all exterior windows and doors. Locking provides the best seal.
  4. Shut off heating/air-conditioning systems and fans that draw air from the outside. Close all vents.
  5. If you have a fireplace, put out the fire and close the damper.
  6. Go to your designated shelter-in-place room, taking your shelter-in-place kit if it is not already in the room. Have enough food and water for a few hours.
  7. Close and seal the door in the shelter room from rest of the house with plastic and duct tape. Cover any windows, vents, and electrical outlets with plastic and tape.
    (Note: you will not run out of air in a shelter room. Sealing the room just slows the flow of air from the outside, protecting you longer from possible exposure).
  8. Stay tuned to your local news, radio, or Emergency Management social media for further information and instructions.
  9. Stay in your shelter room until you are instructed to exit. Leaving before instructed may put you and loved ones at risk!

*Note: Do not call 9-1-1 unless you are experiencing an active life-threatening emergency.

If you do not have a Shelter-In-Place kit at home, complete with plastic, duct tape, scissors, and instructions, visit our office at
560 S Keeneland Dr. Richmond, KY 40475 and we will supply you with one for free.

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