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Wilgreen Lake Improvement Project

Madison County recently marked a significant milestone with the completion of the Wilgreen Lake Improvement Project. This collaborative effort between Madison County, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (KDFW), and the Richmond Chamber of Commerce showcases our commitment to enhancing community amenities and preserving our natural resources.

During the dedication ceremony, held on May 30, 2024, local officials, community leaders, and residents came together to celebrate this achievement. Judge Executive Reagan Taylor led the proceedings, highlighting the importance of the project and its impact on the community. In addition, other speakers included Representative Deana Frazier-Gordon, KDFW Commissioner Rich Storm, Richmond Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Colleen Spencer, and Deputy Judge Executive Jill Williams.

Key Improvements:

  1. New Paved Parking Areas: Enhance visitor accessibility for trucks and trailers.
  2. Repairs and Updates to the Boat Ramp: Ensure safe boat launching.
  3. Accessible Kayak Launch: Promotes inclusivity with adaptive features for all abilities.
  4. Courtesy Docks and Boat Slips: Enhance the boating experience and offer secure mooring options with new decking.

Richmond Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Colleen Spencer showcased the accessible kayak launch.

As a result, the $250,000 investment in the Wilgreen Lake Improvement Project has not only beautified our community but ensured accessibility and enjoyment for all at this natural attraction.

Personal stories like Kasey Keeney’s stood out as a reminder of the impact these improvements have. Despite facing mobility limitations due to a disability, Kasey expressed gratitude for the new accessible features at Wilgreen Lake. His story showcases how the transformative power of inclusive design and community initiatives.

As we reflect on this milestone, we are reminded of the collaborative spirit defining Madison County. We extend our gratitude to all involved in making this project a reality and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will continue to have on our community for generations to come.

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