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Who needs a Madison County Business License: A Madison County Business License authorizes work inside the Madison County Jurisdiction. Madison County has 3 separate jurisdictions within it; Madison County, City of Richmond and the City of Berea . The Madison County Jurisdiction is only the areas outside the incorporated areas of Richmond and Berea.

The Madison County Jurisdiction requires a Business License for every person, association, corporation, or other entity that engage in any occupation, trade, profession or activities in the unincorporated area of Madison County. The Madison County Planning & Development Office is responsible for the issuance and enforcement of the Madison County Business License.

Non-Profits Organizations or Individuals that file only a Federal Schedule F are exempt from having a Madison County Business License they however; are not exempt from all Occupational Taxes, to determine your requirements contact the Occupational Tax Administrator for more specifics.

Conducting business in the Madison County Jurisdiction makes your business subject to a 1% Netprofit tax and 1% (Payroll) Occupational tax for work performed in Madison County.

How to get a Madison County Business License: To apply for a new Madison County Business License or to determine if you need one you can use the Apply for a License button; online filing requires a valid email address and payment by credit/debit card or e-check. Applying by mail will require you to download and complete the form and mail the completed application and $50.00 payment to the Madison County Planning & Development Office.

Ordinance 2022-11: Beginning January 1st, 2023, every person, association, corporation or other entity engaged in any occupation, trade, profession, or other activity in the Madison County jurisdiction shall pay a one-time business license fee to the Madison County Fiscal Court, Kentucky. The one-time nonrefundable business license application shall be fifty dollars ($50.00).

All businesses that have a current business license after January 1st 2023 do not need to renew. If you have any questions about the status of your Business License, please call before you proceed.

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