Open Records Request

Anyone interested in exercising his or her rights under the Kentucky Open Records Act, Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) 61.870 through KRS 61.884, to view Fiscal Court records may do so. For additional information about open records, Kentucky’s Office of the Attorney General maintains the following Web page on open records and open meetings here.

To make an open records request, you must submit an Open Records Request Form to the records custodian of each division from which you desire records. Each division has at least one individual designated as records custodian. These individuals are specialists on open records requests and are responsible for consistently accepting and coordinating reviews of open records.


  1. Fill out the Online Open Records Request Form.
  2. The Open Records Request form shall be completed in its entirety.
  3. Fees are as follows:
    1. For public records requested in standard format for noncommercial purposes, the records custodian may charge $.10 per page for photocopied material.  If the requested information is in electronic format the cost of the media and any mechanical processing may be charged.  Additionally, the custodian may charge postage fees.  The Office will not charge for staff time required to reproduce records for noncommercial use.  Any fees shall be paid before copies are made.
    2. For public records requested for commercial purposes, the custodian may require the requestor to enter into a contract which will include the fees charged by the Office.  The Office will charge staff time required to produce copies of the records.  Any fees shall be paid before copies are made.
  4. All Open Records Request shall be given to the Director of the Department of their designee for his/her review prior to fulfilling the request, if deemed appropriate by the Director. The Open Records Request may be required to be cleared by the County Judge Executive and/or the County Attorney.
  5. All open record requests shall be responded to in accordance with the Kentucky Open Records Law. A copy of every Open Records Request will be provided to the County Judge Executive’s Office.

Requestors should complete the Online form by clicking the button below.  Additional questions can be directed to

135 W Irvine Street, Richmond, KY 40475

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Copyright 2024
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