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Update 02/12/2024

Madison County Fiscal Court is committed to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that everyone in Madison County has access to fast, reliable internet service. We have been working alongside our partners at Spectrum, to get Madison County connected. Unfortunately, it can’t happen all at once or overnight but we are very pleased with our progress. Our latest broadband expansion efforts, aimed at connecting even more communities and households to high-speed internet are showcased in the map, which will be updated monthly on our progress.

Expansion Progress:
Our team has been hard at work expanding our broadband network to unserved areas across the County. Through strategic partnerships and investment in infrastructure, we have made significant progress in extending our coverage to rural and remote locations.

Key Features of the Expansion:
• Increased Coverage: We have expanded our coverage area to reach more homes, businesses, and communities. Thousands of residents in previously underserved areas can now enjoy the benefits of high-speed internet access.

• Faster Speeds: Upgraded infrastructure to existing customers is in progress which will enable all citizens to have faster speeds than ever before. Whether you’re streaming movies, gaming online, or conducting business meetings, you can count on a reliable connection with lightning-fast speeds.

Interactive Coverage Map:
To provide transparency and visibility into our expansion efforts, we’ve created an interactive coverage map. This map allows you to see our current coverage area, as well as areas targeted for future expansion and you can look up where you are in the expansion plan.

To Find your status, search for your address in the search bar in the upper left of the map.

How to Get Connected:
Once service is available in your area, getting connected is easy! Spectrum will outreach to every home or business in the newly activated area directly or contact customer service team to check availability and sign up for service.

Join Us in Building a Connected Future:
At Madison County Fiscal Court, we believe that access to high-speed internet is essential for education, economic growth, and community development. By expanding our broadband network, we are empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital world.

Previous Updates!

Update 01/02/2024

Madison County is working in partnership with Charter/Spectrum to help implement the construction of a fiber-to-the-home broadband network to bring internet access to approximately 5,554 unserved residents and businesses in rural parts of our County.

Madison County used the collected data from a field survey to assess and negotiate a contract with Internet service providers to expand broadband access to every citizen in Madison County for the least financial investment from the county’s ARPA fund.

Project Timeline

  • Madison Connect Lookup Tool validation survey was launched to identify gaps in service. 
  • Data analysis and negotiation
  • Fiscal Court commits to financial investment of $750,000 of ARPA funds in January 2023.
  • Spectrum partnership consists of a three phase construction to serve all Madison Countians 
    • Phase 1 — RDOF area (1,300 activated as of Nov. 2023)
    • Phase 2 (1,400) —State grant area (pole permitting in process). 
    • Phase 3 (2,200)— County portion and gaps in service (final design phase).
  • Expansion project is anticipated for completion in May 2025. 

Service/Contractual Highlights

  • Spectrum will notify residents and businesses through their marketing channels leading up to service availability.
  • The monthly price of service will be consistent with fiber-optic internet service providers.
  • Most installations will be above ground and will follow the path of the existing electric service.
  • No resident or business in the project area is required to adopt this service for their property.
  • A 12-month commitment from service turn up is required to purchase service.
  •  Madison County Government is not responsible for providing broadband services, does not collect broadband service fees, and has no authority to determine or revise fees set by service providers.