The new fee structure was determined by analyzing 911 call data across different zoning types in the county. This analysis assigns a percentage of revenue responsibility to each zoning type based on call volume.

Call Zoning Types

  • Single Family/Farm
  • Multi-family
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Public Use
  • Education

Revenue Sources/Rate

  • 911 Wireless/$450,000
  • EMS/$60,000
  • Eastern Kentucky University/1.02% of the budget
  • Madison County Schools/3.24% of the budget
  • Berea College/0.45% of the budget
  • Berea Community Schools/0.23% of the budget
  • Single Family/Farm Dwellings/$0.016 x sq. footage
  • Multi-family Dwellings/$0.065% x sq.footage
  • Occupied Exempt Properties/$0.122 x sq. footage
  • Occupied Business Properties/$0.122 x sq. footage
  • Occupied Industrial Properties/$0.0103 x sq. footage
  • Land Only Single Family/Farm/$25.00 flat fee
  • Land Only Exempt/$47.00 flat fee
  • Land Only Business/$47.00 flat fee
  • Land Only Industrial/$45.00 flat fee

Find your zoning classification:

You can visit the Property Value Administrator’s website to search for your property. Under the summary section, you will find the zoning class we have on file for your property.