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When NOT to Call….
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There are many reasons that you may feel the need to contact 911, there are also many reasons not to contact 911. If the situtaion you are in is not life threathing then please do not dial 911.
Some examples of when NOT to call 9-1-1:

· Do not call to ask for a phone number.

· Do not call just to see if “it works”.

· Do not call to obtain weather reports.

· Do not call to report utility problems (such as power outages, phone and water repairs).

· Do not call to ask for directions or road names.

· Do not call for general information pertaining to police reports, jails.

· Do not call to report your keys locked in your vehicle, unless someone is locked inside.

· Do not call to request an ambulance for non-emergency routine transports.

REMEMBER…911 is to be used for emergencies
(when you believe that the immediate response of the police, a fire truck or an ambulance is needed).

For non-emergency law assistance, contact your local departments.

Non-Emergency 911 Line — (859) 624-4776
Madison County Sheriff — (859) 623-1511
Madison County Fire — (859) 624-4775
Madison County EMS — (859) 623-5121
City of Richmond Police Department — (859) 623-1162
City of Richmond Fire Department — (859) 623-1164
City of Berea Police Department — (859) 986-8456
City of Berea Fire Department — (859) 986-8232
Madison County Emergency Management– (859) 624-4787
Madison County Judge Executive — (859) 624-4700

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