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What do we provide?

The Animal Care and Control Department is responsible for enforcing animal welfare laws, providing animal education and operating the Madison County Animal Shelter. Animal Control Officers enforce County and state animal care and control laws, investigate complaints of animal cruelty and neglect, quarantine animals based on law, provide public education on pet care and remove stray animals from roads or public areas where they may be a danger to citizens.

This Shelter was established in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statute, and our mission is to provide services that safeguard the public health and safety and to care for the animals in its care. This Shelter will protect the animals in our county from abuse and neglect and provide its citizens with information concerning responsible ownership. Two full-time Animal Control Officers are employed and are empowered to enforce animal cruelty statutes, KRS 258 relating to canines, as well as County canine nuisance and licensing ordinances.

Animal Care & Control
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Bluegrass Cat Spay Neuter Project

The Bluegrass Cat Spay Neuter Project focuses on reducing outdoor cat populations through spay and neuter programming across the Bluegrass region in Kentucky. Madison County has been awarded a 2022 grant in the amount of $12,000 by the Joanie Bernard Foundation in collaboration with the Bluegrass Area Development District and Team Shelter USA. This grant exclusively supports the spay and neuter of outdoor, free-roaming community cats in Madison County by covering the cost of the spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, FVRCP vaccination and ear-tipping on those cats. Services in Madison County will be provided by both Lewis Veterinary and Skipworth Veterinary Clinic.

Best Friends “How to Set a Humane Trap”

Alley Cats Allies “How You Can Help”

What are Community Cats?

Community cats are simply cats that are outside who may be socialized and friendly or unsocialized. If a cat has an ear tipped, it means they are already sterilized and have had at least one vaccination against. rabies.

How can I Get Involved?

This grant is for any cat, socialized or unsocialized who is allowed access to outdoors. The cost of the surgery is fully covered by the funds provided by the Joanie Bernard Foundation. There are no out of pocket fees to participate. Any community cat is eligible.

The program asks interested residents to capture community cats, set an appointment with Lewis Veterinary for surgery, and once the surgery and recovery is complete, return the cat to the location where it was captured.

Appointments must be set up prior to your arrival with the cat. Contact Lewis Veterinary at 859-242-8288  to make an appointment. When calling, please mention the cat is a candidate for the Bluegrass Cat Spay Neuter Project.

Please do not bring cats to the animal shelter, as this is a program that requires them to be transported by the residents to and from the vet and placed back in the cat community after their surgery.

Tips to Remember!

• Safety first! Most cats do not like to be put into a carrier, so use caution. If a cat is unsocialized/feral then a humane trap us needed to avoid any injuries to a person or the cat.

• Planning ahead and education on how to capture a community cat is key to success.

• Coordinate your intended capture date in advance of your surgery appointment. Capturing the cat may take time and make take several attempts, don’t give up!

• Check out the provided resources for your safety and personal knowledge. You will find helpful how-to tips, proper techniques for setting humane traps and information regarding the cat’s welfare

Grant Partners

We could not do it with out the support of amazing organizations and our community. Thank you to everyone for your support!

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