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What are Alert and Notification Systems?

Madison County has many ways to let residents and travelers know when an emergency situation is happening. Alert systems let people know that something is happening, while notification systems give people more specific information about what is going on and what action they should take. Take a look at a few of our systems:

FM Alert Radios

These are the small, white radios you may have received from Madison County EMA/CSEPP at your home. FM alert radios are a notification system that alerts residents and businesses to chemical or weather emergencies impacting Madison County. These are programmed by zone and should stay with the home or business they were sent to, or they may not receive the proper alerts. These receivers are property of Madison County and should not be sold or repurposed.

Outdoor Alert Sirens
These sirens are an alert system used to let people who are standing outside know that an emergency is happening or is imminent. When you hear an outdoor alert siren, you should move inside immediately and seek a notification system like your emergency alert radio, cell phone, television or AM/FM radio channels for more information on what to do. Our sirens are continually being improved with CSEPP funding. Currently, we have 90 sirens located throughout the county that deliver voice messages after the siren wail. New sirens are going in the ground across the county, the current siren sounds are:

Steady Wail: severe weather tone. It is a continuous 45 second high wail. A voice message will state the weather warning, instruct listeners to seek shelter immediately, and instruct listeners to tune to local radio and television stations.

Alternate Steady Wail: chemical event tone. It is a series of two high-pitched beeping sounds lasting 45 seconds. A voice message will tell residents an event has occurred, instruct listeners to seek shelter immediately, and instruct listeners to tune to local radio and television stations.

Westminster Chimes: testing tone. This sound happens on the first Saturday of every month at 12:00 p.m. Tests will not occur if severe weather is expected.

*Reminder: Outdoor alert sirens are only meant to be heard by residents and travelers who are outside. You may not be able to hear a siren while indoors, but still have many alert and notifications available to you for safety.*

Emergency Alert System Messages

Our local broadcasting partners will utilize Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages in the event of emergencies impacting listeners and viewers. This notification system consists of the loud, sometimes startling messages that come across your cell phone, radio or television during normal programming. EAS messages will give you emergency information and suggest actions you should take to keep your family safe. You do not have to opt-in for these alerts through an agency, but do have to allow the alerts on your smart phone in your system settings in order to receive them. Here are some of our local partners who use EAS messages, and usually continue event coverage during emergencies:

  • WEKY 1340 AM
  • WEKU 88.9 FM
  • WCBR 1110 AM
  • WCBR 93.7 FM
  • WLFX  106.7 FM
  • WCYO 100.7 FM
  • WIRV 1550 AM
  • Time Warner Cable

Everbridge Alerts

Madison County uses the Everbridge system for our Emergency Alert Program.  This program allows you to receive a phone call, text message, and/or email in the event of an emergency or a special situation that affects the county. This is an opt-in alert program and provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind so you can know that when an emergency occurs, you have many ways to receive news about the situation. Click on the icon below to sign up for Everbridge!

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